CSED442 Artificial Intelligence

instructor: Gary Geunbae Lee, eng2-211, gbleeATpostech.ac.kr, 279-2254

1. Course objectives

This course introduces basic techniques of artificial intelligence: problem solving, heuristic search, knowledge representation, logic system and inference, as well as advanced techniques such as planning, probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, and intelligent agent systems. As a term presentation, each student should survey a practical system and try to make it smart(er) using artificial intelligence techniques.

2. Course prerequisites


3. Grading

midterm 40%;

final 40%;

term project presentation 20%

4. Required texts and references

Required texts:

S. Russell and P. Norvig. Artificial intelligence: a modern approach, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall 2010

5. Course outline

1. Introduction, history

2. intelligent agent

3. Uninformed search

4. informed search (heuristic search)

5. Logical agents, propositional/first-order logic  (midterm)


6. classical planning

7. knowledge representation

8. uncertainty/probability

9. probabilistic reasoning

10. learning (inductive)

11. learning (statistical) (final)


12. rational decision making

13. robots

15. Student presentation (term project)


6. logistics

- All lectures and presentations will be given in English, but students are allowed to ask questions in Korean.

- Term projects: Survey of practical dummy systems and make them smart using AI techniques (survey + design + justification).

- Term project class presentation (once in English) for total 20% of the grade.