Robust Dialog Management

Dialog Systems (DSs) provide overall framework of interaction among the system and the user. Users who are not accustomed to previous user interfaces can be benefited by using dialog system. The importance of dialog system has been emphasized in recent years as applications in mobile environment has started to apply interface using dialog systems.

The main topic of our research in this field is focused on constructing reliable dialog system which can be operated in admissible computational time. In order to accomplish our aim on dialog systems, we have adopted several techniques to construct efficient sub-components of dialog systems. The sub-components include Spoken Language Unit (SLU) and Dialog Management (DM) Model.

Our current research focuses on development of Hybrid Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) based DM technique. POMDP has been widely used for confirmative dialog system. We devised hybrid technique combined with POMDP and EBDM which ensure both scalability and reliability.

  • Hybrid POMDP Approach with Meta-state

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