Alumni (Under Geunbae Lee)

Ph.D. Graduates

Wonil Lee

 (이 원 일) 

94 M.S. / 98 Ph.D.

직장: SK Holding C&C

Thesis: Spoken Korean Processing based on Categorial Unification Grammar

Hanmin Jung 

(정 한 민)

94 M.S. / 2003 Ph.D.


Thesis: Rule-based Information Extraction with Automatic Knowledge Expansion

Byung-Chang Kim

(김 병 창)

97 M.S. / 2002 Ph.D.

직장: Professor at Catholic University of Daegu

Thesis: Prosody/Phoneme Generation for Korean TTS (Text-to-Speech)

Jeongwon Cha

(차 정 원)

99 M.S. / 2002 Ph.D.

직장: Professor at Changwon National University

Thesis: Statistical Parsing for Korean Combinatory Categorial Grammar

Changki Lee

(이 창 기)

2001 M.S. / 2004 Ph.D.

직장: Professor at Kangwon National University

Thesis: A Dependency Structure-based Model for Probabilistic Information Retrieval

Dongseok Kim

(김 동 석)

2002 Ph.D.

직장: Samsung Electronics

Thesis: Learning mDTD Extraction Patterns for Web Text Mining

Seungwoo Lee

(이 승 우)

99 M.S. / 2006 Ph.D.


Thesis: Fine-grained Named Entity Recognition Based on Error-controlled Bootstrapping

Minwoo Jeong

(정 민 우)


2005 M.S. / 2009 Ph.D.

직장: Kakao Enterprise

Thesis: Learning Structured Models for Spoken Language Understanding

Youngwook Yoon

(윤 용 욱)

2004 M.S. / 2010 Ph.D.

직장: KT

Thesis: Large-scale Text Categorization Based on Boosting Association Rules

Sangkeun Jung

(정 상 근)


2006 M.S. / 2010 Ph.D.

직장: Chungnam National University

Thesis: User Simulation for Spoken Dialogs

Cheongjae Lee

(이 청 재)


2010 Ph.D.

직장: Hyundai Motor Company

Thesis: Example-based Dialog Management for Spoken Dialog System

Seokhwan Kim

(김 석 환)


2012 Ph.D.

직장: Amazon Alexa AI

Thesis: Cross-Lingual Weakly-Supervised Learning of Semantic Relations

Jinsik Lee

(이 진 식)


2012 Ph.D.

직장: LG AI Research

Thesis: Pronunciation and Phrase Break Prediction for Korean Speech Synthesis

Sungjin Lee

(이 성 진)

2012 Ph.D.

직장: Amazon Alexa AI

Thesis: Intelligent Corrective Feedback for Communicative Computer-Assisted Language Learning

Jonghoon Lee

(이 종 훈)

2012 Ph.D.

Thesis: Error Simulation-based Pronunciation Feedback for Korean English Learners

Hyungjong Noh

(노 형 종)

2013 Ph.D.

직장: NC Soft

Thesis: An Example-Based Approach to Ranking Multiple Dialog States for Flexible Dialog Management

Donghyeon Lee

(이 동 현)

2014 Ph.D.

직장: Hyundai Motor Company

Thesis: An Unsupervised Approach for Semantic Annotation in Dialog Corpora

Junhwi Choi

(최 준 휘)

2016 Ph.D.

직장: Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Thesis: Automatic and Manual Error Correction for Automatic Speech Recognition

Kyusong Lee

(이 규 송)


2017 Ph.D.


Thesis: Exploiting External Resources to Conversational Agent

Seonghan Ryu

(류 성 한)


2018 Ph.D.

직장: Samsung Research

Thesis: Out-of-domain Sentence Detection based on Deep Learning for Dialog Systems

Sangjun Koo

(구 상 준)

2014 M.S. / 2020 Ph.D.

직장 : Scatter Lab

Thesis: Adversarial Approach to Domain Adaptation for Reinforcement Learning on Dialog System

Soonchoul Kwon 

(권 순 철)

2023 Ph.D.

Thesis: Self-feeding Semi-supervised Training Method for Grammatical Error Correction

M.S. Graduates

Soo-Yeon Yang

(양 수 연)

94 M.S.

직장: Samsung

Thesis: News Based on Inductive Learning & Script-based Natural Language Processing

김 경 희

95 M.S.

직장: 안철수연구소

Thesis: Integration of Phoneme Recognition with Morphological Analysis for Spoken Korean Processing

김 상 억

95 M.S.

직장: (의)혜명심의료재단 울산병원

Thesis: Implementation of Voice Commandable Korean Text Editor

신 상 현

96 M.S.

직장: Samsung

Thesis: TAKTAG: Two phase learning method for hybrid statistical/rule-based part-of-speech disambiguation

박 규 봉

96 M.S.

직장: 경남대 수학교육과

Thesis: Continuous Korean Speech Recognition Based on Phonemic TDNNs

권 혜 진

97 M.S.

직장: KT

Thesis: Semantic Analysis of Natural Language Queries Using Categorial Grammar and Logical Form

노 현 철

98 M.S.

직장: 제너시스템즈

Thesis: Local Discourse Analysis and ACL Conversion for Implementation of Generalized Korean NLI Agent

최 준 기

98 M.S.

직장: KT 기술 전략실

Thesis: Domain-independent Morpheme-based Continuous Speech Recognition of Korean

박 미 화

99 M.S.

직장: 포스데이타 기술연구소

Thesis: Boolean Formulation of Korean Natural Language Queries Using Syntactic Analysis

원 형 석

99 M.S.

직장: Samsung

Thesis: Integrated Multi-level Indexing Model using Noun Phrase Synthesis and Compound Noun Segmentation

김 지 협

2000 M.S.

Thesis: Corpus-based Learning of Compound Noun Indexing for Korean

Jin-seok Lee

이 진 석

2001 M.S.

직장: 한국증권전산원

Thesis: Korean Prosody Generation Based on K-ToBI Representation

김 준 석

2001 M.S.

직장: Hyundai Motor Company AIR LAB

Thesis: Optimized Part-of-speech Tagset Mapping for Multiple Applications

Juni-Hyeok Shim

심 준 혁

2001 M.S.

직장: NHN

Thesis: An Integrated Text Preprocessing System for Web Document Processing

Bong-Hyun Cho

조 봉 현

2002 M.S.

직장: Samsung

Thesis: Incorporating Term Dependence into the 2-poission Information Retrieval Model

Byung-Kwan Kwak

(곽 병 관)

2002 M.S.

직장: Samsung

Thesis: Practical Named Entity Tagging Using Co-training

Joohui An

(안 주 희)

2003 M.S.

Thesis: Learning NE recognition patterns using web as a big corpus

Juhong Ha

하 주 홍

2004 M.S.

직장: Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) 기업은행

Thesis: A Two-Phase Unknown Word Prediction for High Quality Text-to-Pinyin Conversion in Chinese

Eunji Yi

(이 은 지)

2004 M.S.

직장: NHN

Thesis: SVM-based Biological Named Entity Feature with Virtual Examples

Ok Jung

(정 옥)

2005 M.S.

직장: Samsung

Thesis: Chinese Prosody Generation Model Based on C-ToBI Representation for Test-to-speech

Eunju Kim

(김 은 주)

2005 M.S.

직장: KT

Thesis: Two-Phase Learning for Biological Event Extraction and Verification

Song Yu

(유 송)

2005 M.S.

직장: AIA Information Technology

Thesis: A Bio Named-entity Recognition Workbench combined with Active Machine Learning

Jihyun Eun

(은 지 현)

2006 M.S.

직장: KT

Thesis: A Multi-Strategic Concept-spotting Approach for Robust spoken Language Understanding

Seungwon Kim

(김 승 원)

2007 M.S.

직장: TmaxSoft

Thesis: A Method for Combining Prosody Modeling and Unit Selection in Conversational-style Korean TTS Systems

Kyungduk Kim

(김 경 덕)

2007 M.S.

직장: Naver Labs

Thesis : Improving Speech Recognition Using Multimodal Understanding Features in a Multimodal Dialog System

Jimin Lee

(이 지 민)

2011 M.S.

직장: Samsung Electronics

Thesis: Routing a Sentence: Dependency Parser Integration Based on Inpupt Sentence Characteristics

Injae Lee

(이 인 재)

2013 M.S

직장: Naver

Thesis: Humorous Chat-oriented Dialog System

Hongsuck Seo

(서 홍 석)

2013 M.S.

Ph.D. Student in POSTECH

Thesis: Multiple User Intent Understanding for Spoken Dialog System

Sechun Kang

(강 세 천)

2013 M.S.

직장 : Samsung Electronics

Thesis: English Speech Assessment Utilizing ToBI-based Prosody

Jeesoo Bang

(방 지 수)

2014 M.S.

Thesis: Vowel-reduction Feedback System for Non-native Learners of English

직장: LG AI Research

Yonghee Kim

(김 용 희)

2014 M.S.

직장 : Naver Labs

Thesis: Remembering and Use of User-related Fact from Past Dialog

Sangdo Han

(한 상 도)

2015 M.S.

직장 : Ph.D. Student in POSTECH

Thesis : Exploiting Knowledge Base to Generate Responses for Natural Language Dialog Listening Agents

Seonyeong Park

(박 선 영)

2015 M.S.

직장 : LG Electronics

Thesis : Hybrid Answer Ranking for Multi-Source based Question Answering System

Byungsoo Kim

(김 병 수)

2016 M.S.

Thesis : Automatic Open Knowledge Acquisition via Long Short Term Memory Networks with Feedback Negative Sampling

Hyunmin Jeon

(전 현 민)

2021 M.S.

Thesis : Recurrent Action Policy Optimization for Multi-domain Task-oriented Dialogue System

Jaeha Gwak 

( 곽 재 하 )

2022 M.S.

Thesis: Pre-trained model with numerical encoding and extension vocabulary for question answering in biomedical domain

Yunjeong Jang 

( 장 윤 정 )

2022 M.S.

Thesis : Memory-Attentive Information-Extractive Dialogue State Tracker for Psychological Counseling

Choonghan Kim 

( 김 충 한 )

2022 M.S.

Thesis: High Recall Data-to-text Generation with Progressive Edit

직장: Ph.D. Student in KAIST

Seongbin Baek  

( 백 성 빈 )

2023 M.S.

Thesis : Incremental Dialogue Classification with Early Risk Detection

직장: Elice

Byeongjoo Kim  

( 김 병 주 )

2023 M.S.

Thesis: Unsupervised Joint Retrieval Augmentation of Knowledge Graph and Textual Passage for Non-goal-oriented Dialogue Response Generation

Hoonrae Kim  

( 김 훈 래 )

2024 M.S.

Thesis : Grammatical Error Correction

Chanyeong Jung

( 정 찬 영 )

2024 M.S.

Thesis : Automatic Document Generation

Chaebin Lee  

( 이 채 빈 )

2024 M.S.

Thesis : Task Oriented Dialogue System with Text Classification